Sounding Images

Karolis Biveinis, composer and pianist, with cellist Eduard Raventós presents a project of “Sounding Images”. It is a duo concert made of compositions inspired by the relation between the music and the image.

“Every day we find thousands of images that are captured by our own eyes and every instant means something – an environment, an emotion, a feeling, …, the unique moment that immediately turns into the past. Every piece represents one of this images placed into the score, which serve as a creative inspiration. Sometimes it is otherwise – the melodies that arise from the interior, like a few small pieces of a puzzle, are creating an image – real or imaginary. So the process is a continuity, where a beginning is the end, and the end is a beginning…” – K.B.

The project “Sounding Images” began in the north of the spanish peninsula, in Galicia, with cellist Luis Caballero Varona (member of the Quinteto Cimarrón), we greatly appreciate his talent, commitment and the recordings made by Radio Galega that you can enjoy on this page. Read more >>

One of the compositions, “Nona” – was nominated for “The 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards” in the category of classical music (Los Angeles, USA).

“Sounding Images” was also selected as a finalist in “II Premios Martín Códax da Música” (The Martín Códax Music Awards) in the category of classical music.

We would like to especially thank the illustrator Kristina Sabaite for the graphic art and photos of the project.

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