Welcome to my web page! My name is Karolis, I am a composer, pianist and music engraver. I would like to tell you about the creative areas that I focus on as a professional.

Teaching to be creative

Degree in classical music with 20 years of teaching experience at official music education centers, for 14 years I have been the head of the piano department and, as a teacher, I teach the following subjects: piano and piano accompanist, composition and arrangements, improvisation, analysis, harmony of classical and jazz music, music technologies.

I believe that creativity is a very important part of teaching, that’s why I always motivate my students to develop their creative side, by this way they can be not only good interpreters of other authors compositions, but they can also compose their own music. Thanks to this approach, which effectiveness I have proven with my students, I am currently writing a book about my own method to compose music and facilitate a theoretical framework accessible to everyone.

Add that I have broad experience in organization and collaboration with artistic, thematic and educational projects, master classes and courses.

Being creative

I like to compose music and share it with others: in a concert hall, in a movie, or in a video game. I have composed music for all these platforms and some compositions have been played and awarded at festivals and nominations in the most varied places in the world. I would like to mention one in particular, received from the hand of one of my favorite composers Ryuichi Sakamoto – Silver Award at the Sapporo International Art Festival.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with exceptional musicians, of listening to my recorded music and seeing it being published. As well of studying and continuing learning from great teachers and now, be able to share my knowledge and experiences that I have obtained up to this moment.

I hope you’ll enjoy my website and if you are interested in my professional profile, want to comment, ask something, or just say ‘hi’, don’t hesitate to write me!

Musical greetings, K.