Voicing (english)

“Voicing” (2008) for female voice (multitrack recording). Karolis Biveinis (composer) & Mónica de Nut (voice). 

Digital CD available at karolisbiveinis.bandcamp.com

Voicing CoverThe voice is, possibly, the oldest instrument used by humans. This minimalist composition consists of three parts in which I explore the three basic possibilities of the, in this case, female voice – whisper, speaking and singing. Canons, floating overlays and melodic patterns are the compositional techniques used in this piece.

Recorded, mixed and mastered on June, 2008.

Monica de Nut

III part of this composition have received a Silver Award at the prestigious Sapporo International Art Festival 2014 held in Sapporo, Japan. Read more >>

“I think this piece [Voicing, part III] packs the largest impact, and the concept is that of modern art making it an excellent selection in terms of its appropriateness to SIAF.” – Ryuichi Sakamoto (Guest Director of SIAF 2014).

Cover photo by Kristina Sabaite.
Website of the singer Mónica de Nut – http://www.monicadenut.com