Piano book (english)

“Piano book” (2014) for piano

Digital CD available at karolisbiveinis.bandcamp.com


Sparkle of light

“How many time we are able to keep sailing without course, 
in the deep waters of the open Sea. 
Looking for the only sparkle of Light proceeding from some remote Lighthouse. 
When the only Light capable of guiding us forever, 
we have inside us. In our Heart.” 

I was looking forward to present this project some time ago, because it is very special for me. It’s like a summary of the music I was composing since 2008 (or maybe even before…) – here we can find some compositions and arrangements from academic music such as “Nostalgia”, “Wind in the trees”, “Morning Promenade”; arrangements of “Film ensemble” project like “Silent steps”, “Waltz for one”, “Carousel”; also some compositions not included (matter of CD time) in my previous project “Sounding Images” with cellist Luis Caballero, such as “Plenitude”; and, of course, new works like “Nocturne of a mirror”, “Blue remembrance”, …

When I think of this CD, I imagine a chest full of melodies for piano solo – so I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Along with “Sounding Images” (piano solo version), “Piano book” was presented during the International Music Festival “Pórtico do Paraíso 2014” held in Ourense (Spain). Read more >>

Recorded on July 1 and October 2, 2013. Mixed and mastered between July and October, 2013.

Artwork: illustrator Kristina Sabaite.