International Festival “Pórtico do Paraíso” 2014

During the month of March of 2014 I had the pleasure of participating in the International Festival “Pórtico do Paraíso” held in Ourense, presenting two of my recent projects “Sounding Images” and “Piano book”. Concerts were held in the Church of Santo Anxo, Saturdays 15 and 22.


This was the 7th edition of “Pórtico do Paraíso” in which also participated Hopkinson Smith (baroque guitar, Switzerland), O Duo (percussion, UK), Duo Amal (pianos, Israel – Palestine), Diabolus in Musica (vocal group, France) and La Reverencia (vocal and instrumental group, Spain).

“Pórtico do Paraíso” Music Festival started in February 2008 with the aim of bringing high quality soloists and ensembles to Ourense and organizing concerts in remarkable places in the city such as San Martiño Cathedral, Santa María Nai and Santa Eufemia churches, the Liceo and Teatro Principal.


Conferences, lectures and masterclasses are also held, involving all the city with music during the whole event, that lasts about ten days. The Cathedral, whose Pórtico names the festival, has a especial roll, as it either opens or closes it with a sacred music concert. Ourense Town Hall assumes the organization and sponsorship is held with several local interprises which support it with their patronage.

“The music he played in Portico do Paraíso has a solid background that reflects his training and his music is nice and easy to listen. At the time of the audiovisual, Biveinis has an interesting artistic way to walk, offering great opportunities for artistic growth.” – Julián Carillo (music critic for El País).

I would like to express my thanks to the organization and the entire team of the Festival; especially to Conchi da Silva and Juan Enrique Miguéns for investing in contemporary composers and new music creations; and also to Mani Moretón for the photos – thanks!


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